The questions kids come up with.

Sorry for the blog break. I wasn’t really inspired to write much since the puppy’s been here. But I finally have something to talk about.

I had a really tough question from my middle daughter (5.5) the other night. We occasionally talk about what she dreams about. My oldest has never told me she dreams at all and my youngest really is too little to articulate about dreams if she even has them at all. I accidentally woke my middle daughter up by moving her in bed shortly after she fell asleep (we still co-sleep until she falls asleep then I move her to her bed). Apparently, she started dreaming already and complained that I woke her up while dreaming.

I asked her what she was dreaming about, and she said who the first baby was. She was dreaming of me and my mother, and her mother, and her (my grandmother’s) mother and on and on. I thought she wanted to know who the first baby was in our family. But then she said “no, the first baby before all the people in the world were born”. So, not really knowing what to tell her, I proceeded to tell her about Cain and Abel from the Bible (figuring I’d leave out evolution for now). Then she got frustrated with me, and she said, “besides in the bible times, who was the first baby”. I told her I didn’t really know. Then she started crying hard because she really wanted to know a name, and I didn’t have one. After she calmed down (about 10 minutes later), we resumed talking and asked other probing questions that night like:

How does it become night and day? I told her how the earth spins and as it moves we move from daylight (the sun side) to night time (the moon side).

Then she asked me how come we don’t fall off of the earth when it spins? I told her it moves so slowly we don’t feel it and besides, we stick to the earth and she said, “oh, I know…because of gravity”.

I know I have deep questions sometimes from my 7 year old, but she’s exposed to a lot more in school. But my 5 year old is still in preschool, and it kind of blows me away that she’s so curious to know such deep questions.

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