Just saw the stat counter a minute ago.

Blog Stats
Total views: 10,000

Cool! Thanks for reading – I hope you’ve learned something while you’re here.

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3 Responses to Just saw the stat counter a minute ago.

  1. Jenna says:

    I love reading your blog!
    (Hmm, how do I get a counter I wonder?)
    Great stuff, mama.

  2. joanna says:

    Wow! Congrats! What’s your secret? My number is minuscule compared to that – if I 5 in one day I’m ecstatic!

    (And yes, I have – thanks :] )

  3. raisingsmartgirls says:

    Thanks gals. 🙂

    My secret? I usually direct people to my blog when I’m posting on message boards. It helps me so that I don’t have to re-invent the wheel when I am talking about selective mutism and SPD issues I can just point to things I’ve learned without re-typing everything. In addition, having certain keywords that search engines like google that pick up the terms easily. When I wrote about Bill Gates, that got a lot of hits from Google. Also, commenting on other people’s blogs, and participating in blog carnivals helps. Occasionally, if my blogs get on StumbleUpon by someone else, that will generate a couple days worth of a bunch of hits. And then there was 1 day I recently got 267 hits, but I have no idea how or why because there was no information about the referrers of many of them.

    Oh, one of the posts that’s one of the biggest google hits is “Damn it, I am a bored housewife“. I guess there’s a lot of interest for bored housewives. Oh, and I bet if you write a post about breastfeeding, you’ll get hits too [and a lot of spam 🙂 from less than reputable sites selling you some Viagra or other pills for penis enlargement and occasionally some naughty websites]

    I’ve also had this blog for about a year, and it’s a third less than my other blog The Wonder Years which has about 33,000+ hits in the past year – but that gets a lot of hits because it’s about learning stuff for kids and there is a LOT of interest in doing things with little kids. And I frequently link posts on my other blogs so that if people were interested in certain topics, they’d get referred over.

    I have heard Google Analytics is a good one and possibly free (but don’t quote me on the freebie status).

    WordPress has it’s own statcounter that is pretty nice.

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