Last day of community preschool for my selectively mute child.

This leg of K’s journey with selective mutism is over. If you check out my sidebar, I have 31 posts related to this journey.

I started posting about discovery the possibility of her having SM in the post titled: The Silence Within…is my daughter a selective mute?

I wrote about her formal diagnosis here in It’s official: we have it in black and white.

I wrote about her first day of community preschool 9 months ago.

I fought a little (not too hard) for an IEP for preschool for her. You can read about the four posts related to her IEP .

I talked at length about the importance of emotion coaching. We still have a ways to go, but she’s come a long way with that.

So…after an intense year of struggling to understand her condition, to educate the community preschool and work with the early intervention preschool she’s in, was it all worth it?

Hmmm…I’m not going to tell you, but I’m going to show you something I found in her community preschool scrapbook she got on her last day today and let you make up your own conclusion.


Can you make out that last line?

I learned not to be afraid to talk at school.

Don’t get me wrong. She isn’t completely “cured” and she still has her mute moments outside of the school setting with adults, but she has made major growth during these past 9 months. With an IEP going into kindergarten, we can rest a little knowing she will have the help she needs making the transition to elementary school. I think she won’t even need one after kindergarten, if she continues to make this great progress.

What helped the most – having wonderfully caring teachers who were willing to be educated on selective mutism and who could provide a warm, safe environment in the classroom for her while we worked on the SPD issues and emotion coaching at home.

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