It’s here! Living with Intensity.

Today, I received the book Living with Intensity that I posted about the other day.

I’ve read the first chapter and am starting on the second and I’m weeping (yes, weeping) as I read it.

I see my intense daughter, and myself in so many of the descriptions and I just know this is what I’ve been waiting for. I have seen evidence of a lot of things in my daughter and myself, but simply haven’t had anything explain it all so clearly.

It is going to help to not view my daughter’s challenging behavior as a pathology, but instead as an expression of her intense perception of the world around her. I know exactly why the powers that be sought to grace me with her, because I know her experience of the world and mine are not so different. Her intensity is my intensity squared. I haven’t been wrong in my estimations of her. I wish I could thank the editors of this book for publishing it, and I do thank the powers that be that I stumbled across this book when I have.

I just wanted to share that if you have an intense, gifted child (or are intense and gifted or possibly gifted yourself), this book is something you should have in your collection. Dabrowski’s theory of personality development is not one based on ages and stages, but rather on emotional development – that which is a development of the inner workings of a person that is independent of the age and stage of a person’s life.

I am going to take some time to understand this book, but I’m hoping to address some things in it with regards to my daughter and myself in future posts (hopefully sooner than later).

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2 Responses to It’s here! Living with Intensity.

  1. hopekaibear says:

    Again, I cannot wait to read this book! Looking at the description, it really sounds like my life! My husband, daughter, son, and I are all intense people for sure! I usually call it passionate. There is also definitely some giftedness in our family in many ways. Isn’t it interesting that somehow books that you need seem to find you?

  2. raisingsmartgirls says:

    It seems that way, doesn’t it? I’m glad this book came when it did. I am so loving this book.

    I’m using it as a springboard for discussions between my husband and myself, since it’s been hard to articulate to him some of my ideas. Unfortunately over the years, he’d turned off a part of his own nature, due to people (me included at times) troddening over his viewpoints. He’s an introvert and people had a tendency to steamroll over him so that he just stopped opening up to people.

    It’s actually going to help us in a few ways – help him understand me, help me understand him, and help us understand our daughters. It’s fantastic!

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