I have a major crush on Chuck Bartowski

Yes, I realize he’s a character on the TV series Chuck. He’s a computer repair geek at an electronics store by day and an accidental government spy by night. But Chuck Bartowski is so sweet, smart, funny, and he’s the romantic underdog of a really good TV show with romance, comedy and intrigue.

I know I have a fantastic marriage to a good husband, but oh, my heart just sings when I see him in this show.

I can’t explain why I have a schoolgirl crush on his character. It makes no logical sense. I’m 10 years older than Zachary Levi (who plays Chuck), I have three beautiful girls and very happy in my marriage, but I wish I could just meet him and gush over him in person. Or at the very least, get a reality check, find out he’s not so wonderful in real life, and maybe then I would stop pining over him.

Acckk! If this gets ever gets back to Mr. Levi – you made your character Chuck Bartowski so damn cute and adorable and the relationship to Sarah so sweet…you make my heart melt. Sometimes I wish it were me as your leading lady.

Now that I’ve confessed it to the universe, maybe I can get on with my life…

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2 Responses to I have a major crush on Chuck Bartowski

  1. Tonya says:

    I am a scientist mom (at home now, doing freelance technical writing), and I relate to you in so many ways, including this one! That Chuck is a sweetheart!

  2. raisingsmartgirls says:

    Yes, he is a sweetheart. As much as I love my husband, I’d keel over if I ever met Chuck, I mean Zachary. I have never swooned over a guy like that since…well, since I met my husband. 🙂

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