Flooded neighborhood, September 2008

This is my neighborhood. It’s not making the papers at all, but it is pretty significant to us. It was my daughter’s 5th birthday and we spent it making sure our neighbors were okay and the seepage in our basement didn’t get any worse than it did.

Down the end of my block


One block over


Stranded ambulance. I sure hope the lady who had a heart attack got to the hospital in time. I was told she was carried to the other ambulance waiting on drier ground.



We have some seepage in our basement. Not a lot, but enough to be a pain. But we are safe, albeit stranded in our subdivision. I’m glad we went shopping two days ago for extra water and food, just in case.

Oh, and no school tomorrow – ya-hoo! for me, though my eldest is upset about that. She loves school.

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2 Responses to Flooded neighborhood, September 2008

  1. I hope you all stay safe and that it dries up soon.

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