Day 1 of community preschool…

Well, it went just about as good as I expected. My 5 year old daughter spoke to me, and no one else while we both were there the entire hour. But that’s okay. I can’t judge how she’s going to do based solely on today. She did talk to the early intervention teacher 45 minutes into class the first day, so maybe that will happen like that tomorrow. And she does have two boys that she was in sports camp with, so at least she saw some familiar faces.

The community preschool teacher did read the Teacher’s Guide to Selective Mutism, and she thought it was very interesting and was glad to read it. So hopefully she’ll get some ideas on how to reach her when she is on her own.

We did spend some time together after class, just her and I. I took her out for a doughnut, then to a toy store that has a little play area, and then we went to Grandma’s to pick up the 3.5 year old. It’s been a while since she and I had some time together alone, so this was a good day. No meltdowns occurred while we were together, only when we had to leave a park shortly after arriving because the 3.5 year old had a potty accident. I had to drive half way home to a chorus of crying and “Mommy! She’s too loud” Even though they were both very loud.

I was proud of myself for not getting angry about the noise. Even though it drives me batty to listen to them escalate. I had to stop the car once and tell them I wouldn’t move until they lowered their voices. But the eventually did and the second half of the drive was quiet.

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