It’s nice to have goals. Now I just need to make them happen.

I’ve been MIA for a while since I’ve been trying to get a handle on things here at home. Between trying to get our juvenile amphibians to eat, and trying to declutter, I’m trying to figure out how I can get a better handle on things at home and within.

I’m quickly approaching the ripe old age of 38. Some days I feel this is older than I should be, and other days, I feel like I’m at the end of the line, instead of in the “prime” of life (isn’t 40 the new 20?)

I want to write down my goals, not just what they are, but why I have them.

1. Simple living at home – getting rid of the excess so that I don’t feel like I need a bigger/newer house (with bigger mortgage and taxes).

2. Meal planning – not throwing things together at the last minute. That’s one thing I have fond memories of – the time my mom put into cooking from scratch – the smells that tantalized for hours before hand.

3. Organization of time and space – so I can attend to the other goals I have in mind.

4. Crafting/creating – having time and things well organized so I can actually start some new projects, both my own and with the kids.

5. Exercise (and chasing around kids or housecleaning doesn’t count) – those extra 20 okay 30 pounds aren’t doing me any bit of good. Thank goodness my husband still thinks I’m sexy regardless – sweet man.

6. Setting aside time for spiritual things – though I’m happy to say we started going to church with all the kids and my husband. AND he didn’t hate it (we are of different Christian backgrounds – me being Catholic, and him being Baptist). AND the kids do a little breakaway session for a bit so they aren’t completely bored.

7. going in for a tune up – well, I can mark this one off my list. I just got a physical complete with lots of blood work done to hopefully figure out the source of my fatigue (aside from having 3 kids spaced 20 months apart).

8. Time to write. Either on my blogs or even with pen and paper – the way I used to years ago. I have lots of thoughts floating around that I wish to pin down, and figure out the elusive answer to the question – what am I going to do when I’m out of this season of very young children (some day I’d like to go back into the work world).

Instead of the above – my reality has been

1. Moving clutter from point a to point b. (well, up until this weekend and a massive effort to declutter – my bedroom at least).

2. Tending to tadpoles, 2 of which are juvenile toads that won’t eat, and figuring out what to do with 24 small crickets that the toads won’t eat, and trying to figure out how to keep flightless fruit flies alive long enough for them to take an interest in food. I’m seriously thinking we have to release the toads to the wild and go get a lizard instead just to eat the crickets. Oh, yeah, we also recently acquired a goldfish when my middle child won one at the carnival the other day.

Maybe I should see if there are experiments I can do at home with some drysophila hydrei.

3. Zoning out on the computer (there’s two message boards I frequent – I justify it with at least it keeps my brain working as I help other mothers find solutions to problems).

4. Driving kids to science camp and sports camp and soon to be ballet.

5. Keeping kids from trashing the house completely (basically damage control).

6. Dealing with fatigue and dizziness. Don’t know where either is coming from. Hopefully the blood work will tell me something.

Sigh. Talk about some imbalance here.

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