Second and third testing sessions…

My 4.5 year old daughter’s second and third tests were yesterday. Well, they were supposed to be over two days, but Monday’s appt got canceled. So we had one two hour test and then a one hour test after a 2.5 hour break. She seemed to do pretty well on it. They will let me know what the formal results are at the end.

The same speech and language pathologist (SLP) gave a test called the McCarthy Scales of Children’s Abilities, and she did beautifully with the SLP. Apparently, this SLP is now considered one of the “inner circle” that my daughter will talk to, because she spoke as soon as she saw her and hadn’t regressed to not speaking (I was worried about that). But of course, when someone else addressed her, she was not responsive.

Anyway, the SLP said she is “very bright”, but right now that’s just about as helpful as saying she’s “very cute”.

She also had an “eval lab” as they called it, but really it worked on a few different things – fine motor skills, auditory listening skills, and short term memory while processing information – all using different games. It was really neat to watch.

There was some moments of concern for me though, as she had started getting a little hyper at one point in time, after about 45 minutes into the testing in the morning. She was acting silly and not taking some of the motor skill test part of the McCarthy Scales seriously. But we were able to take a break, I gave her a snack, and gently talked to her about calming down and that it was important to do what was asked of her. She started to get sad, and I was worried about her feeling badly enough about herself to shut down during the second part of the test. But she cooperated, though at the end of the two hours, she was really pooping out. She was almost falling asleep at the end of it.

Then we had a 2.5 hour break. Fortunately, there was a mall nearby and we met with a friend of mine and her son. We at lunch and they played in one of those little play areas malls have sometimes. I was really worried that she’d be out of commission by the time we came back for the second test, but she did well on that too. Fortunately, that was playing the fun games of the eval lab, so that was able to keep her interested. I even got to play one of the listening games too.

She has two more testing sessions, then we will have our final results.

I’m thinking that after all is said and done, we will have a fairly accurate assessment of her abilities. I don’t think anyone can say she has learning disabilities if she has done so well on these tests. I think they also should be able to rule out attention disorders after these past few tests.

And fortunately, the next test session is only an hour long, so that day won’t be as grueling.

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